Erotic Lexicon


Popularly known as sleep. In the traditional sense, this is the union in which the man inserts the erect penis into the woman's vagina.

French eroticism

In so-called French, the sex partner is spoiled orally, i.e. with the mouth. Either to the climax or as a prelude.

Deep throat

Similar to French. Here, however, the woman takes the man's penis completely (as far as possible) into her mouth deep into her throat. The tip of the penis often touches the woman's throat.


The man sprays his ejaculate on the woman's face. Many men find this extremely exciting.

Semen on the body

Similar to the facial insemination. Here, however, the man injects his ejaculate onto the woman's body. Preferably on the stomach, breasts or buttocks.

69er position

The man lies on his back and the woman sits or kneels with her vagina over the man's face. This way he can spoil her vagina and her oral penis.


Hand job

Here the woman's hand stimulates the penis. Mostly to the climax. To make the whole thing more pleasant and sensual, a lubricant is recommended. Of course it is also possible without.

Girlfriend experience


Girlfriend sex is like having your own partner. Sensual, romantic and very sensitive.

Greek eroticism

This includes anal intercourse. The penis is not inserted into the woman's vagina, but into her butt (anus). A sex practice that involves extreme hygiene and caution. Lubricant is a MUST as the skin and muscles are very sensitive. When changing from anus to vagina, the condom should definitely be changed.

Sex toys

(German: sex toys) These are objects of various kinds. Dildos, love balls, vibrators etc. All things that intensify or accompany the lovemaking.

Spanish eroticism

Also called breast sex. Here the man's penis is massaged between the woman's breasts. Mostly to the climax. The woman, sometimes the man, presses the woman's two breasts tightly together. In any case, a lubricant is recommended to increase the enjoyment and make the whole thing more pleasant. Not only large bust sizes, but also small bust sizes can lead the man to great pleasure.


quite a broad term. Tenderness is exchanged between man and woman, which requires close physical contact.

French kissing

is a special way of kissing. Here the tongues of the partners touch. Both open their mouths and the tongue penetrates the other person's mouth. A kiss on the tongue releases sex hormones and feelings of happiness and so often increases the desire.

Dirty talk

is also called verbal erotic. "Silence is not always gold". But on the contrary. The fantasy of sex games is further fueled by certain words or sentences. "Fuck me" or "get me right" make sex uninhibited and wilder. The imagination knows no limits.

Cuddly sex

Also called flower sex or daisy sex. This is about a lot of tenderness and physical closeness. The senses should be activated and fueled. Romance is in the foreground.


Here the scrotum or testicles of the man are stimulated orally. Either with the woman's tongue or by lightly sucking with the mouth. Since every man is differently sensitive, the practice should be discussed in advance.


Whether as a nurse; Schoolgirl or secretary. Role playing brings a breath of fresh air to your bed. The role-playing games can be very different. Fantasies can be spoken openly.

Erotic massage

The man or woman is massaged erotically by the partner. Since escort women are not trained masseuses, it should be noted that this is a pure relaxation massage.

Sexy underwear

Always nice and sexy to look at. Lingerie. Whether red or black or even in white. It inspires the imagination. If gentlemen have certain wishes, we are happy to forward it to the lady.


An erotic dance in which the lady drops her covers, possibly with soft music, piece by piece. A real appetizer.

Golden shower

Also called natural sparkling wine. A sex practice in which either the woman or the man urinates towards being opposite. A distinction is made between active and passive. The active part is the person who urinates and the passive person who takes it. Where the whole thing is to take place is to be clarified beforehand. The common abbreviation for this is NS. The women who offer NS on our homepage only practice this service actively.

Tantric massage

is a massage that massages and stimulates the whole body and intimate area. The ladies who offer this service are experienced or trained people.

A naughty night out

This is about the lady wearing as little clothing as possible. And in public. The idea that she is not wearing panties under her skirt or dress drives some men crazy. In any case, it should be noted that the lady does not harm her health and is not considered a public nuisance.

Visiting a swingers' club

Visiting a swinger club is only permitted with the booked lady. Intimacy with the booked lady is only possible for the guest. If the guest wants the lady to become intimate with another gentleman or lady, this should be coordinated with the lady in advance. The fee for each additional gentleman is calculated by the lady at 75%, erotic contact with a lady at 30%.


in bondage games there is a difference between active or passive. The active game ties you to your partner. All of our escort ladies only offer active bondage games. That is, the lady ties up the gentleman. In the case of passive play, the lady must be requested in advance.

Duo date

During a duo date, two escort ladies (colleagues) meet with a gentleman. Attention is focused exclusively on the gentlemann!

Bookings with a handicap

Bookers or guests with disabilities. This is a date on which a guest has a disability. In any case, it makes sense to coordinate this with the lady before a date in order to avoid an unpleasant situation when meeting.

Couple's visit

Couples can also book an escort lady. Both people are spoiled by the lady. The Honora for couples visits is 30% extra.


They are two gentlemen and one lady. The ladies have a fee of 75% for the second gentleman. Short name is MMF.

A lady books an escort lady

It is itself when a man can book an escort lady. The general meeting is also possible here.

Body paint, leather, latex

It is what the lady can wear for clothes. Either lacquer, leather or latex. Before booking, please let the lady who offers this know so that you can take your clothes with you.

Holiday companion

This is a booking of more than 24 hours at a time. It doesn't always have to be a vacation in the traditional sense. This also includes accompaniment on business trips or leisure activities.


This lady can ski and the gentleman can invite her to a skiing vacation.





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