Become an escort lady

You are jung (18-45) attractive, open mind, sympathetic do you own style and level?
Do you speak German and possibly English and wish you financial independence?

Then apply to our agency Le Rose Escorts.


  • a website where you can present yourself with your sedcard. In doing so, you can act with your stage name and determine the conditions for your own activity, e.g. Place, time and duration of your activity
  • a serious and fair agency contract (no admission fee!) with the best fee share in Germany. We only get 30% - most agencies take up to 40%
  • an absolute level of anonymity - on request, your face is covered
  • absolute security
  • Since 01.07.2017 there is the obligation according to ProstSchG § 10, that you get a pass for your escort activity. The registration requirement applies to all persons who provide sexual services for money in Germany.
  • The condom duty exists since 1 July 2017 as well

We are new escort agency, but with the best conditions. We are active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The cooperation with the ladies we value loyalty and trust.
 Your personal needs are always close to our hearts.

Your Jolie Le Rose

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Important Info: As an escort lady you will not be an employee of Le Rose Escorts. We are only a placement agency. As an escort lady you are usually self-employed and have to register a trade and tax your income of course.

Surely, each of you raises the question:
Am I an escort lady as a prostitute?

Definitely not!
The difference is:

  • Escort ladies are often booked for a longer period. Prostitutes usually only for minutes
  • the sex with the Escort is not in the foreground
  • In escort service a well-groomed appearance and a stylish ambience are preferred.